Chobits Vol. 1-24 End Anime DVD
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  • Chobits Vol. 1-24 End Anime DVD
  • Chobits Vol. 1-24 End Anime DVD
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Product Informatie:

  • No. of Discs : 2 DVD
  • Taal : Japanse & engelse versie, Dolby Digital
  • Ondertiteling : Engels, Chinees
  • Regio Code : ALLE Regios (Kan gespeeld worden op elke DVD speler)

Nieuw en ongebruikt. Geen imitatie, en is nog geseald


In the future, almost every person roams arounds with persocons, robots that look like humans and act (somewhat) like humans. However, poor Hideki, a cram student doesn't have the money for his own. He crosses a persocon in the garbage wrapped in bandages. Once he activates her, she only knows the word "Chii."
As each day passes, Hideki finds out more about Chii's past and in turn Chii learns more about the world.Hideki teaches Chii words, expressions and common things. Chii also raise feelings about Hideki and she said him that she loves him in the last episode. Chii will become Persocone who will looks like a human

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