Pokemon Plush dolls

Pokemon Plush dollsPokemon plush toys !, Find here the Pokemon plush that you have always been looking for!
Choose from more than 600 Pokémon plushes!

We have the largest and the most unique assortment in the Netherlands!
Major brands such as Banpresto, Takara Tomy, TOMY, and Pokemon Center can all be found here. Also a favorite brand among the customers is Olyfactory, these plushes are recognizable by the 8 or 12inch logo at the top of the photo.

Pokemon plushes  are organized by region, so you can quickly find the Pokemon plush you want!

The latest added plushes  are below the region categories. You can also sort for brand and price. The latest added Pokemon plush toys in the region categories are at the very end of the last page (s).

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Pokemon Center plush toys

We started in early 2018 with large import of Pokemon Center plushes from Japan. Unfortunately, we cannot get every model that is being released. Because our supplier does not buy every model. Of course we can always ask them. So if the plush you are looking for is not on the website or on our FB page and it is not older than the Sun and Moon Pokemon plushes? Then there is a good chance that they might get it. Unless it is sold out at the manufacturer, of course.

Since March 2018 we can also get Pokemon center plushes from America, thanks to finding a shipping company in the USA! Of course are we proud that we have succeeded to import these! Many customers hoped that we could import Pokemon plush toys from the USA and are very happy with this!

We will also use this shipping company for other products that are not Pokemon plush toys. You can think of pokemon figures, but also figures from other series. Like My little pony Funko vinyls that are no longer made and are only available within the USA for a reasonable price!

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Pokemon plushes from Olyfactory

The Pokémon plushes  from Olyfactory are of exceptional quality and that while they are not even officially licensed! They are produced in small batches, which means they fall under Fan-made products and can therefore simply be sold. They told us they had tried to get a license, but Nintendo found their factory too small and that was the reason not to get it. Despite the fact that Nintendo knows of their existence, Olyfactory can continue without problems.

And of course we are very happy with that. People who buy these Pokemon plushies have always been very satisfied with the quality, but especially because Olyfactory makes Pokemon plushies that are have never been made one. Such as Vivillon and Crobat.

Olyfactory makes sometimes a remake of an existing product of their own. Like this blaziken plush  that is the old model. Later they made this blaziken plush. That's a big improvement!

Most Olyfactory plush toys can be found in this category.

Many Pokemon plushes are not even online yet

A lot, but then a lot of Pokémon plushies  are just not online yet!
We even have so much that our FB page is not completely up-to-date (outrageous of course). But to point out that Pokémon plushes  are our expertise, we are working hard on it to get everything online.

If you see a Pokemon plush (or something else) on our FB page between the photos and that is not on the website. Send us an e-mail if we still have it. For example, if we still have the Pokemon plush, we can send you extra photos if you wish. If you want to buy it, we will put the Pokemon plush online as soon as possible!