Kanto pokemon plushes nr 1-151 (red & blue)
Shiny dragonair

Pokemon Plushes from the Kanto region !, the pluses in this category are sorted by pokedex #. However, the newest Pokemon plush are on the last page(s) so do not forget to view them if your favorite is not among them! Later on the new pokemon plushies are sorted by pokedex number, this happens once in a while.

It is now 2018 and Pokemon exists for 22 years in Japan and 19 years here in NL. That is a long series of games and episodes on TV. This also includes the merchandise that is increasingly coming into markets. And we have chosen mainly for the Pokémon plushes

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The Kanto region

The kanto region is where it all started. At the first games you played a Character called Red, and your rival named Blue (in Japan Green). Your goal was to be a Pokémon master. You also beat Gym leaders to win Badges and then join the Pokemon League. Then beat the Elite 4 and then become a pokemon champion. But then you are champion and not yet a pokemon master. After the E4 you can finally catch the mighty Mewtwo and complete your rest of your Pokedex. If you then had all 151 at that time, your Pokémon was master! (That is now different story with 800+ pokemon). Actually it was first at 150. Because you could not get Mew anywhere in that time. This was later distributed only in Japan and the USA, if that was here in the Netherlands as well we do not know.


min: max:
Pokemon plush lot 5 pcs of choice
20% Discount

Pokemon plush lot 5 pcs of choice

€ 125,00 € 99,95
Pokemon plush Mystery deal #2
2% Discount

Pokemon plush Mystery deal #2

€ 44,95 € 44,00
Pokemon plush Mystery deal #1
3% Discount

Pokemon plush Mystery deal #1

€ 29,95 € 29,00
Pokemon Kuttari Charmander plush awake +/- 18cm
5% Discount
Pokemon plush Charmeleon taiwan Mirage +/- 20cm
41% Discount
autentic Pokemon Charizard plush +/- 18cm
40% Discount

autentic Pokemon Charizard plush +/- 18cm

€ 49,95 € 29,95
Pokemon Charizard plush +/- 35cm
30% Discount

Pokemon Charizard plush +/- 35cm

€ 24,95 € 17,50
Pokemon plush Mega Charizard Y +/- 28cm
10% Discount

Pokemon plush Mega Charizard Y +/- 28cm

€ 24,95 € 22,50
Authentic Pokemon center pokedoll Squirtle plush +/- 11cm
17% Discount

Rare and hard-to-catch Pokemon in the first games

Yes. Many fans will still know. The legendary pokemon Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres and Mewtwo and then the Safarizone. How many balls did you wasted?

The Safari zone was difficult, because you could not use your own pokeballs there and therefore no Masterball that you had duplicated with Missingno. Then there was indeed a trick to just fly out of the zone and to swim on the spot of missingno to encounter safari pokemon, and to catch with your own balls. But that was not possible with Dratini and Dragonair!

The only dragon Pokemon of that time.

Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite were the only Dragon pokemon at the time. Gyarados was originally made as Dragon / water. But because there were no Dragon type attacks, it would have no weakness, and therefore overpowered. So they finally made water / flying.

We obviously have a number of plushes from this pokemon. We have a Dratini plush from the brand Tomy. And further from different brands but also unbranded Dragonairs and Dragonites. We even have Shiny versions of them, Shiny Dragonair and Shiny Dragonite! The normal version of the Shiny Dragonair is also very beautiful. Because the Shiny Dragonair is Pink and the ordinary blue you could put them next to or opposite each other as male and female. That makes such adorable photos!