Pokemon plush Sceptile +/- 35cm

  • Pokemon plush Sceptile +/- 35cm

Pokemon plush Sceptile

Brand: Olyfactory

Nice soft, cuddly cute.
Neatly and tooled.


  • 35cm high with ears
  • 23cm wide, arm to arm
  • 27cm long, foot to tail

    NOTE: shipping worldwide, might take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive


Sceptile Plush


The only plush ever released as a Sceptile plush is a pokemon center pokedoll. In addition, we are lucky that Olyfactory has made a Sceptile plush! That makes this Pokemon accessible again as a plush. The Sceptile plush from Pokemon Center is by now rare, hard to come by and very expensive.

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Sceptile is a reptilian, bipedal Pokémon. Its neck is somewhat long, and it has two crests on its head. It has semicircular, yellow eyes with red rims. Its lower jaw and a belt-like band across its waist are also red. Along its back, it has two lines running down the middle and two rows of yellow nodules that are described as seeds. Its tail is shaped similar to that of a palm tree's branch. Both of its long arms have two sharp, elongated leaves and three claws. These leaves allow it to use its former signature move, Leaf Blade.

As Mega Sceptile, its head crests become more pointed with a round portion missing from the middle. Red marking surround its eyes, which become smaller and more narrow. The yellow seeds down its back grow larger. The last pair of seeds turns red, while the pair above it turns orange. Red stripes encircle the base of its tail and run across its lower belly. The leaves on its wrists become more pointed, and the upper ones have red tips and half-circles cut out of the middles. Covering its chest and shoulders are plates of leaves similar to those that form its tail. Mega Sceptile's tail grows longer and develops a red stinger at the tip. Mega Sceptile can cut off a portion of its tail to fire it like a missile at an opponent

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