Funko is wellknown to repair their products in their own factory and then still sell to our wholesalers. in the package (repaired) damage is not immediately visible. packages are not opened by our wholesaler and not by us. We do not reimburse (repaired) factory errors.
So if you receive such a figure from us you get no money back. you may return, but as in the terms and conditions we will not refund return shipping free. you will receive a credit voucher from us being sent by mail with the amount of the product (no shipping included).
Article 6.4 is revised in the Terms and conditions.
if you have doubts before you decide to buy the Funko figure ask us in advance for photos. then we can look directly at (repaired) factory damage/errors ect. if the figure shows repaired errors, then we can offering it cheaper. ie € 17.50 becomes € 13.95. if indeed the photos do not show flaws. and you receive the product with flaws (its usually glue residues). Only then we will refund the difference. (Eg. At € 17.50 you get refunded € 3.55)

How do I Pay?

If you live outside Europe then only paypal is allowed.
Within Europe but outside the Netherlands you can use Sofort banking as payment method(cheaper then paypal in most cases)
People within the EU zone 1 can also pay by bank transfer.
countries available for sofort:
sofort banking

when do i have to pay?
please pay within 3 working days, if the payment hasn't received by then. then the products will be put back on the webshop.

do out of sale products will be back?
some are, some don't.
some might be "one of a kind" and don't return

can i send the product back if i don't like it?
no sorry thats not possible. it can only send back if the product is broken, pictures will be asked for evidence, also the return shipping costs are the buyers responsibility. and we only refund the product costs not the paid shipping.
please contact us at if your item is broken

i'm in a hurry, and need my order in a couple of days.(and live outside NL, BE, Lux, germany)
is there a way to send and deliver fast?

yes we can, please contact us for the express delivery rates. they vary much with each country. paypal payment is required to process your order ASAP. please be aware that this method is very expansive.